Samsung 32GB MicroSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card

 1,500.00  600.00


Samsung 32GB MicroSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card

 1,500.00  600.00

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Standard, Plus, and Pro\

Samsung’s new memory card line-up features Standard, PLUS, and PRO versions of all of its SD cards and microSD cards, covering a diverse set of needs for both general and professional users.

Large Capacity

With Samsung’s full lineup of memory cards, you can capture more photos and videos and download more media files and apps to your mobile device without worrying about speed or capacity. Samsung offers the fastest large-capacity (64GB) microSD cards for those who seek both high capacity and speed.

Faster speed with UHS-1

All of Samsung’s microSD and SD Card lineup feature the highest quality NAND and are available with UHS-I Support (PLUS and PRO), offering Samsung’s fastest speeds at up to 70MB/s Read and 20MB/s Write, ideal for use in high-end smartphones and tablet PCs.


Samsung microSD cards can endure 24 hours submerged in water and survive the perils of airport X-ray machines, magnetism and extreme temperatures. So your memories will survive, even if your camera doesn’t. Trust Samsung with your precious moments

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