Bingo M3 Smart Band/Fitness Band (Blue)


Bingo M3 Smart Band/Fitness Band (Blue)


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More physical health monitoring Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitoring The M3 smart bracelet adopt a new generation of photoelectric heart rate sensing technology that supports both static and dynamic heart rate detection and provides blood pressure detection, automatically recording data, allowing you to keep an eye on your health.

Calories raise your hand to brighten The M3 smart bracelet will record your daily steps, distance and calories. Provide you with safe and comprehensive health data and display it in your mobile app to build a periodic health data chart.

Adopt international IP67 waterproof, Dust proof & Corrosion protection standard M3 smart bracelet meets international IP67 waterproof grade standard, which can protect against short penetration foam. It can be worn when washing hands or bathing, effectively preventing the corrosion of cosmetics, household goods, sweat etc.

Intelligent awaken silent Alarm clock and sleep monitoring M3 smart bracelet is lightweight and has no feeling of discomfort. Intelligent hardware can track and analize night sleep quality, track sleep duration and depth, and provide valuable guidance. When set with a alarm clock, the bracelet can wake you up with a slight Vibrant

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